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Our Sunderland tree removal service offers extensive tree removal, Cutting a tree down to a stump which can be done in various methods such as the tree being cut into pieces and taken down to avoid damage to your property. Our team of expert tree surgeons are expertly skilled to carry out tree felling, from small scale to large commercial projects.

Selecting an experienced Sunderland Tree Surgeon, who has been competently trained very important as tree surgery involves a lot of risks, that could go terribly wrong if not done by a professional. Using our team of qualified & experienced tree surgeons will put your mind at ease, whilst providing affordable prices to locals.

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Our tree surgeons will conduct an assessment of your trees. This assessment will diagnose any issues with your trees, for which we can then provide you with a solution. Some customers may believe that tree removal is the best option upon first noticing an unhealthy tree; however, this is not always the case. Many trees can be restored to health through simple maintenance and tree trimming. In cases where your tree needs to be removed from our judgement, we will find the safest and most effective way to perform the felling.

When you choose us as your tree removal company in Sunderland, rest assured that we will complete every job quickly and efficiently, without compromising on safety or quality. There will be minimal impact on your daily routine, so you can return to your normal household activities as soon as possible.

When our team arrives at your home, we will determine the direction and drop zone of the tree when it is cut down. A range of specialist equipment will be used to ensure the process runs smoothly.


Tree Felling, also know as tree lopping, is the process of precisely removing trees into manageable sections using specialized techniques such as ropes and lowering to ground. The Process of dismantling a tree into section requires knowledge and expertise, as the slight mistake can cause serious injuries and significant costs. Sectional tree felling is utilized when the space around the tree is narrow and constrained.

First , all the branches will be removed. The main branches will then be lowered to the ground using lowering ropes, while the main trunk will be methodically dismantled and placed in a drop zone. Our tree surgeons have the skills and expertise in navigating confined spaces, we also used specialized equipment to safely and efficiently perform tree removal.


Our team of accredited and specialized tree surgeons in Sunderland deliver exceptional tailored results to your needs, whilst ensuring the safety of property, wildlife, and humans.

  1. Hazardous tree that are risk to nearby properties & public paths
  2. When a tree becomes weak, leaning lopsided trees.
  3. Trees showing signs of decay and falling branches.
  4. For new landscape buildings meaning the tree has become an obstruction to you.

If you have any concerns about the health of your trees, or if you would like more information about tree felling, please contact Tree Surgeon Sunderland today.


We understand tree removal can be an undesirable task. We understand your concerns, as our tree surgeons have been doing this for many years & have come across many questions. Such as is the tree to large or close to the property to remove? can I remove a tree in my own garden? Etc. Rest assured our experts have all the answers to your questions and will provide you with expert advice. So that you’re well informed. We’ll ensure the surrounding properties and people are left unscratched.

Tree felling can be a complex and dangerous task. If you are not sure about doing it yourself, please contact Sunderland Tree Services for expert advice and assistance.

Tree Removal Sunderland FAQs

Does My tree Need to be felled Sunderland ?

Signs your tree needs to be felled include, if your tree is leaning, if your tree has decay, if your tree is causing damage to properties and structure and if you require a new landscape design it is understandable you would want to remove the tree, to free up space.

Will you Clean up after tree surgery Sunderland?

Our team aim to leaving your garden clean and tidy after all tree removal projects. We will dispose any debris and leftover logs.

How long does tree felling take Sunderland ?

The duration of tree felling can’t be determined without a on-site assessment. Small tree removal less then 20 ft can take couple of hours tree removal of multiple medium to large tree’s could take couple of days.

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