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Tree Pruning or trimming is horticultural practice that aims to reduce a tree’s size, to remove damaged or dead branches, or to thin out the crown and tidy up the tree’s aesthetic look. It also a common practice requested by local councils for trees or bushes that come onto paths of roads and highways as it can obscure vision of motorists and pedestrians.

It is important to understand tree pruning is a general term used to describe the process. The more specific terms are crown lifting, crown thinning and crown reduction. Each technique is used to achieve different results.

Our team of expert tree surgeons have the experience and knowledge to recommend the best technique to use on your trees so that we produce the results you desire. We carry out all our works to high standards, causing minimal disruption to your property.

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We will assess your tree in relation to the shape, size, maturity, condition, site & surrounding wildlife species. Our goal is to improve your tree’s vitality, and to ensure your tree’s aesthetics are at its optimal. We remove all branches using the ABC cut method, which minimizes the risk of tearing.

At Tree Surgeons Sunderland We carry out all cuts to British standard guidelines (BS3998), which negates any flush cuts. All final cuts will be done at the branch collar.

 We will then lower larger limbs by ropes & slings so that it doesn’t damage the tree, and nearby structure. We make certain to control all sections fall to the ground in a controlled manner. For damaged, diseased, and hazardous branches, we will trim them back to the designated collar.

As you can see tree pruning requires meticulous attention, a thought-out process & experience. If not done properly you risk structural damage, falling branches & rooting branches. We do everything to British Standards set out by experts. We will prune and trim your tree’s, so that it enhances the beauty of your property and your tree’s health.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Our Friendly team of experts provide advice and free no obligation quotes.

Crown Reductions

Crown Reduction involves removing external branches to minimize the overall size of the tree while still maintaining its natural aesthetic. The goal of a crown reduction is to reduce the height and spread of the crown volume. This promotes healthy growth and reduces the chances of proliferation of unsightly reactive growth.

At Tree Surgeon Sunderland , crown reduction is a common technique we carry out for our domestic and commercial clients. We take great care to preserve the natural branch structure that makes each tree unique, resulting in trees that maintain their beauty despite a reduction in size.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is done by removing inner and outer branches from the whole crown, whilst maintaining the overall shape and size of the tree. This technique is used to allow more light and air to pass through the tree’s canopy. One of the main goals of thinning is to remove crossing or rubbing branches; these cause lesions on the tree’s bark, providing entry points for pathogens and thus increasing the risk of branch breakage and other negative health effects.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting involves removing lower hanging branches of a tree up to a specified height to create a clearance. This is also called a canopy lift. Crown lifting is done to preserve enhance the architectural beauty of the tree whilst allowing more light to pass through. Crown Lifting is usually done on tree’s near pathways, crossings and streets. As overgrown tree’s can obscure vision for pedestrians and drivers.

Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is done by cutting back smaller branches to the original pollard cuts. Tree pollarding encourages regrowth in this case re-pollarding will need to be done. usually once a year. Tree pollarding is usually done one tree’s with limited space or street tree’s that can obscure vision of drivers and pedestrians.

Tree Pruning Sunderland FAQs

What is the difference between Crown Lifting and Crown thinning?

Crown lifting is removal of lower branches to create a clearance and crown thinning is the removal of inner and outer branches to reduce the size of the tree. Both are done to get rid of deadwood and overhanging branches.

How much does a tree surgeon charge to prune a tree?

The average cost of tree pruning starts at £200. The cost of tree pruning depends on the size, specie, location of the tree; as well as what tree type of tree pruning it requires. Contact our team today to get your free on-site estimate.

Is Tree Surgeon Sunderland Insured to carry out Tree Pruning?

Our team of tree surgeons are all comprehensively insured to complete any tree related work in Sunderland.

Will you clean the place up after tree pruning?

Our team will dispose and clear away all debris created as the direct result of our work.

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