When is the best time to prune Trees ?

Your garden thrives in the summer, but when autumn rolls around, you might be tempted to tackle some tree pruning during your autumn garden cleanup. However, timing is of essence when it comes to tree pruning. This is because as wrongly timed pruning can cause damages to your tree’s and at worst cause them to die. Discover why pruning between late autumn and early spring is the smart choice, as the inactivity from wildlife such as nesting season, and low temperatures make it ideal for pruning.

pruned tree. To show example of how a pruned tree looks

The ideal time for Tree Pruning

The best time to prune your trees falls between the changing leaves of late autumn and the arrival of spring blooms. Keep in mind that the pruning cycle for trees typically spans 3-5 years, with various factors influencing the timing.

Why you should prune autumn to early spring?

During the autumn and winter months, trees enter a dormant phase, ceasing their active growth. This dormancy, plus the lower temperatures make it ideal for tree pruning.

  • Promotes Healthy Growth
  • Disease Management

When to prune Different Trees

Different species have different pruning requirements.

Narrow-leaved evergreens: Best pruned in late winter or early spring

Broad-leaved evergreens: Late winter or early spring is the optimal time

Most deciduous trees: February, March & the first part of April are ideal

Oak Trees: Consider pruning in February or March

Deciduous shrubs: Prune between February & April

Old, large & overgrown shrubs: Late February to early April works well

UK Trees to prune in spring to summer:

  • Acacia: Spring
  • Acer (Maples): Winter or summer
  • Almond: Summer
  • Apricot: Summer
  • Ash: Spring – end of summer
  • Beech: Spring – end of summer

UK Trees to prune in Winter:

  • Acer (Maples): Winter or summer
  • Apple: Winter
  • Birch: Summer – winter
  • Cedar: Winter
  • Fir Trees: Winter or summer

Why Trust Our Professional Tree Pruning service.

Minor Tree Pruning work on smaller trees may seem manageable, but please don’t be blinded by the fact that tree pruning requires an experienced tree surgeon, as there are techniques in which the cuts should be made. If not done right it could become risky to yourself and also damage the tree. Also using a chainsaw without proper experience qualifications can carry more health hazards then you can think of.

. For expert tree pruning services tailored to your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our certified arborists possess the expertise to keep your trees thriving year-round.