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Welcome to Tree surgeon Shiney Row. We provide tree care services to residential and commercial clients. Our team of Expert arborist and tree surgeons are fully trained and experienced so you can be assured of the care and quality we always provide.

Our Team of fully NPTC-trained, qualified, and hand-picked tree surgeons in Shiney Row, provide tree removal services to both residential and commercial clients. We also take great pride in our exceptional customer service, so that every customer is treated like family, we go far and beyond to exceed your expectations. We understand tree care services can be a daunting task so our friendly staff and expert arborist will help you understand industry jargons as well as providing you with expert advice, so you know what to expect.

Our team also act as consultants as there are laws & regulations around plants of all species and wildlife, these are usually protected with TPO’s or Wildlife & countryside acts. These laws govern when, where and how Tree’s & wildlife should be approached.  We strictly adhere to these rules as it can cause huge legal implications on our company. Nonetheless we guarantee to achieve your desired needs whilst balancing the health of the tree, aesthetics, conservation, health and safety, and legal regulations.

We recognize that tree’s need to be maintained and managed to ensure their preservation and realize that owners of tree’s are crucial in their conservation. Our vast industry knowledge and experience allows us to use innovative techniques which allows us offer competitive pricing so that you see you the value in our investment yields.

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We’re fully insured and have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tree-related task.

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There are many reasons to choose our professional tree surgeons in Shiney Row. Here are just a few:

Safety – Safety is our upmost priority, the complex & dangerous tasks involved in tree care services, means are processes and standard of operating procedures are manually reviewed regularly and updated to fall in line with governmental regulations.

Experience – Our hand picked Tree surgeons carry years of experience, working for residential & commercial clients they’ve honed there skills to become masters at there craft/

Training – The Arboricultural Industry is not regulated by the government. But there are some laws/regulations & associations that are put in place to protect wildlife, plants and minimize risk & accidents. That’s why our Tree Surgeons carry NPTC Qualifications, which is highly recognised as the industry standard of formal training for arborist.

Equipment – These equipment includes chainsaws, ladders, and other specialized tools. Our tree surgeons are licensed to use chainsaw, tree climbing & other specialized tools. So you can be certain we have all the right equipment + licenses.

Insurance – Our tree Surgeons have Full Public Liability insurance so that you’re covered from any finical responsibility if an accident were to occur.

Choosing a professional tree surgeon in Shiney Row is the best way to ensure that your tree removal project is completed safely and effectively. With our experience, training, and equipment, we will be able to handle any tree removal project you may have. We’re Your Accredited Tree Surgeon Company




Our friendly experienced team of arborist are the masters of our craft only using the most up to date tree surgery techniques and highly specialized equipment to achieve aesthetically pleasing, healthy maintained trees and falls in line with legal regulations ( TPO, Health & Safety regulations)  .

We understand that trees are an important part of the environment, and we take care to preserve them where possible. However, we also recognise that sometimes it is necessary to remove trees in order to improve safety or aesthetics. Whatever your reasons for needing tree work carried out, we will be able to help you.

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Tree Surgeon Shiney Row are the right choice when your trees need removing. We’re expert arborist respected throughout the Tyne & Wear for our experience & specialist services. Our specialist Tree Surgeons provides industry standard & expert advice as well as completing all the necessary work you require safely and promptly.

We provide Tree removal services to residential and commercial clients. Our Certified Arborist are equipped to handle tree removals of all shapes and sizes no matter the location. We implement a safe and efficient removal plan whilst utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and industry best-practices such as BS5837/ BS3998 & IS09001.

Types OF Tree Removal Techniques

  • Tree Felling: This method of tree removal is done by cutting a notch at the bottom of the tree, it is cut specifically to the direction our tree surgeon deems safe. This is done either with chainsaws or axes, ensuring precision and control.
  • Section Felling: This method is done by designated tree climbers using rigging cables to climb the tree and cutting branches/trunk segments which are then lowered to the ground.
  • Bucket Removal: Tree Surgeons are lifted by cherry pickers, allowing them to cut the tree in sections, this method is used when the tree can’t support climbers due to decaying & structural damage.
  • Crane Removal: This method is used to move large and extremely heavy sections of trees or if there is no space for felling and all other methods increase the risk of injury & damage. This is done by cutting the tree piece by piece and lifted vertically onto a  drop zone.

Tree Removal/felling is a complex task, which needs careful assessment and planning to ensure the safety of lives and properties. Our expert & experienced tree surgeons follow a developed strategical plan to approach each project.

Speak to our Tree surgeons today for your free quote and on-site assessment.



Are you in need of Tree trimming?  Tree Trimming & Pruning is vital for the health of your trees and should be done regularly, this allows the removal of damaged branches or unhealthy branches.

Tree Trimming is an umbrella term used to cover various methods utilized in tree pruning. We will advise you on the technique that should be utilized to achieve your desired results.

Reasons For Tree Trimming & Pruning

  • Safety Reasons: If your trees are near properties and pathways then it is important you get rid of dangerous & defective branches asap as strong winds can cause these to fall.
  • Trees health: Regular tree pruning gets rid of deadwood and damaged branches as well as enhancing sunlight & air circulation throughout three. This promotes a healthy tree.
  • Aesthetic Reasons: You may want to shape/prune your tree neatly so that it fits will with the landscape.
  • Natural Light Exposure: If you have large overgrown trees on your premise or garden then it is completely true that the tree will block out how much natural light your house receives. In this case you may opt to have your tree pruned so that you can increase the sun exposure onto your property, after all we need our vitamin D to stay Healthy

Regular Tree pruning is essential in maintaining healthy and beautiful trees, as this promotes air circulation and sunlight penetration. It is also greatly increases sun exposure your property receives once the tree is trimmed or pruned. 

Tree Pruning Techniques

Tree Pruning or Tree Trimming is a general term for various methods of selective removal of branches on a tree. The three specific techniques used in Tree Pruning are Crown Lifting, Crown Thinning and Crown Reduction.

  • Crown Lifting: This technique is done to increase the clearance above ground level of the tree, by removing lower branches to the lift the height of the crowns base.
  • Crown Thinning: Overgrown trees will reduce the light and air circulation throughout the tree, so this method is the removal of inner branches, usually at the outer crown.
  • Crown Reduction: Overgrown trees can have dangerous deadwood or crossing branches, so crown reduction is done shorten the branches evenly throughout the crown reducing its spread (Foliage).

We will assess each individual tree considering its shape, size, character, condition, site and species to determine the best pruning technique to enhance your trees vitalities and aesthetics. We only use industry standard procedures such as ABC cut methods where risk of tearing is reduced on tree.

To Discuss Your Tree Service Requirements or to arrange a FREE quotation with Tree Surgeon Shiney Row Please either fill in the contact us form or Call Us On 07723 573029

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Stumps are what is leftover after a tree has been felled or removed. This leftover stump can be used for garden decoration such as sundials, planters, or outdoor tables. But if you’re reading this then you may want it removed as stumps can also be a cause of danger, causing hazardous trips/falls or producing fungi and infecting the rest of your vegetation.

We’re your go to experts for Tree stump removal or grinding. We use specialized equipment to remove stumps from your property.

Common Misconceptions

Stump removal or grinding are both laborious work which should only be done professionals as this can lead to injuries and leaving you with a bigger job then what you initially started with.

Stump Removal Or Stump Grinding ?

Stump Removal is the complete removal of roots and stump, leaving nothing behind.

Stump grinding is the removal of the stump only to ground level. This is done by using a stump grinder that has rotating discs that chips away the stump.

If you’re unsure which of the two methods you need then we advise you to consider your budget, future landscaping plans and how you want the area to look after the work. If you plan a landscape redesign and have vegetation nearby that can be affected by the roots decaying over time, then we suggest you get a full stump removal. However, if you just want to remove the stump for safety or aesthetics reasons then stump grinding may be the more cost-effective solution for you.

Consult with our expert tree surgeons, as we can help you make informed decisions based on your circumstances.



As professional Tree Surgeons our expertise encompasses hedge cutting, pruning & trimming. Our scope of work entails hedges of all types and sizes, from delicate wisteria adorning your home’s façade to substantial boundary hedges for commercial properties. Regular hedge maintenance increases the beauty of premise and promotes the health and vitality of the hedge itself.

For hedges that need a drastic prune, late winter or early spring is the optimal time to avoid interfering with the peak growing season. Hedges must be maintained and kept under control, particularly conifers, from becoming unmanageable. If your hedges are also located where access for pedestrians & vehicles are required, then these should be pruned regularly to avoid causing accidents.


  • Box (Buxus sempervirens) known for it’s leafy and rich green colour. These should be pruned from late spring to up until august if the new shoots have hardened off.
  • Yew: these needle-like leaves can be pruned severely but shouldn’t remove more then 1/3 of the canopy in a single year.
  • Privet, evergreen, laurel: evergreen hedges usually green all year round with leaves that don’t fall of. These should be pruned late spring to late summer.
  • Holly: another evergreen hedge which doesn’t shed leaves in winter, we prune the stems and avoid cutting the leaves. These can be easily cut back to shape and size.

These are just some of the most common hedges we work with in the UK due to its popularity, but as certified arborist our knowledge expands to many other hedge types. As you can see hedge trimming requires knowledge and careful planning not to spoil your beautiful plants. That’s why our residential and commercial clients call upon us, we get the job done hassle free and sculpt those hedges the way you want it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, as a member of our team is always ready to answer all your questions. Get your hedges trimmed by our professional arborists.

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How Much Does A Tree Surgeon Cost?

The average cost of a tree surgeon is £300 per day. This rate can vary depending on location, expertise level, and job size. Tree surgeons typically work in groups of 3, which would bring the cost to £900per day.

What Time of the year should you get a tree surgeon?

Signs you need a tree surgeon, for emergencies, you should contact a tree surgeon ASAP. Emergencies may include trees leaning, showing signs of decay, structural damage, or having large hanging branches, which could pose a risk of falling during severe weather conditions. As for regular tree maintenance, it’s best to wait until trees enter their dormant phase

Do I need permission to cut down a tree in my garden UK?

You need permission from the council for council-owned homes. Regarding private properties, you generally don’t need permission unless the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Nonetheless, it’s advisable to consult with your council about any plant or woodland projects, as there are laws and regulations protecting specific woodlands, plants, trees, and wildlife.

How do you check if a tree is protected?

The best way to find out is to contact your local council. They may provide a map that shows trees under current Tree Preservation Orders or those in conservation areas. You can also request information about any TPOs on your property by emailing or calling your local council.

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